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Copyright © 2019 Željka Zrnić

Tone-of-voice and series of texts for the Brokenships Bistro menu.

The task was to create brief stories to bring you closer the ingredients of each meal, but all somehow connected to the topics of love, breakups and everything in-between, to make the bond between the Bistro and Museum of Broken Relationships.

Published: September 2018



Sophia Loren once said "I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine, than be a size 0." We agree with her. Who cares if your ex doesn't. Try our handmade pasta with sardines, pine nuts and fresh tomato!


This steak will take your breath away as neither of your ex's did! The beef is teamed up with soused anchovies spread and tomato salsa poured over the roasted peppers and green beans. Be aware not to choke!


Traditional and beloved meal in Zagreb is probably the cause of many love conflicts, because "she never knew how to prepare it as good as his mother did." Creamy rice, dried peas and soused elderflower for the special flavour (not used by his mother). 


Love starts with the butterflies and as the time flies away, there is only butter left... plain, familiar and a bit boring. But if you make a twist, it can be a feast again! Give a try to our homemade cultured butter and long-fermented barley bread.


When you have a crush your head is on the cloud nine, while your body is running around like a headless chicken. But even than you still need to have one nutritious meal per day, so try our chicken confit with wheat, homemade ajvar relish, roasted zucchini, beetroot cream and than go back to your daydreaming. 


Legumes can teach all of us about what good relationship is, since their cultivation is famous for the symbiotic relationship that makes both sides greater and better. This lentils chickpea and bean meal, with almond salsa and strained yogurt wouldn't be so tasty if they didn't have a good partner they could rely on!


Broccoli is that one person who isn't popular and doesn't impress you, but after a long time you realise it is actually good for you. Just as your mother would cheer for that person, she would for this soup, too! But to be more likeable, we added barley, goat cheese and homemade sour cream!


Zagreb's most famous love triangle story, got the plot twist! The veal fillet is usually filled with cheese and ham, but in this scenario the ham falls out. It has fallen apart after the breakup and turned into the cream, served along with the lemon mayo and potato salad!


Even if you have spent all night crying over the breakup, cucmbers will be much more useful in a tasty sour cream & dill salad, than on your eyes trying to get rid of bags!


For the souls who feel vulnerable like a lamb in the breakup blues, this warm lamb & vegetable soup will comfort you and at least for the moment, heal your wounds.


If you are horrified by the relationships moving too fast and prefer to take your time for the important things in life, than this slow-roasted pork with creamy polenta and vegetable sauce is the perfect choice for you!


If your relationship is shaking like a pudding, we warmly advise you to comfort yourself with goat milk panna cotta, coated with red wine & goat milk sauce. Oh, and we have added a bit of basil ice cream to cool you down before saying something wrong. You're welcome.