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Copyright © 2019 Željka Zrnić

Brokenships Bistro is the sub-brand of the Museum of Broken Relationships. As the gastro venue next to the museum that offers comforting Croatian food, the space had to reflect the idea of love, breakup, comfort and confusion. 

The spatial design concept is based on the intensity of the emotions while falling in love, and less desirable, falling out of love. Soft and pale emotions are becoming more and more (in)tense, and vice versa. As the contrast to the gentle but dynamic walls and vaults ceiling, are solid the black furniture and fixtures. Movable ceiling lamps allow the adjustment of the light, while cutting the space with its thin bars. The existing rounded counter bar is covered with the black powder coated gutters stuck in one another. Wall shelves for glasses and bottles are designed to be the element matching to the lights. 


Read more about their tone-of-voice here.

Spatial design, FF&E, CMF design: Željka Zrnić

Year: 2018


Photography: Nataša Njegovanović, Željka Zrnić




D2 drawings / bar counter front / bottle shelf​


Previous situation / March 2018