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Copyright © 2019 Željka Zrnić

Tone-of-voice and series of texts for the cocktail card of the beach bar in Croatia.

The task was to present the cocktail ingredients in an entertaining and relaxed way, just as it is the atmosphere in the bar. 

Illustrations: Željka Zrnić

Published: June 2018



This highball journey starts with the exotic taste of rum, poured over the jungle-green mint leaves and lime juice full of Mediterranean sun! We also add a splash of soda water for the refreshment and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, so it is sweet almost as you are! 


What famous cocktail and Carmen Miranda have in common is the bursting tropical vibe! Let this pineapple, rum & coco milky elixir, take you straight to the tropical heaven and turn you into a cloud dancer!


It looks quite misleading with all these tropical colours and garnishment, so we would like to point out that this liquor arsenal is called Zombie for a reason. As if the three different types of rum are not enough, it is reinforced with the absinthe and bitters, sugar-coated with Falenrum and Donn’s mix. Come and show us next morning how proper zombie looks like.


Cuba Libre is the national drink of Cuba, celebrating its freedom and independence. So, on a scale of 1 to Cuba Libre, how free are you tonight? Seize the night with this restless trio of rum, lime and coke!


Depending on how much you lie to yourself, you can take it as a hangover remedy or a vegan brunch with a few sips of vodka. This imaginary stroll through the local fresh market includes tomato and lemon juice, celery, a pinch of salt and cracked pepper along with a few dashes of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce. Bon appétit!


Although sex and the seaside vacation goes hand in hand when it comes to Serge Gainsbourg singing ‘Sea, Sex and Sun’, this cocktail has nothing to do with the sex. It is rather passionate and turbulent relationship of vodka and peach schnapps, spinning in the whirlpool of orange and cranberry juice. But if you decide to take it literally, please remember to keep our beach clean.


If you believe that great minds think alike and considering yourself as one of them — than you have to agree with Ernest Hemingway when it comes to this alcoholic Cuban delicacy. A bit of rum, a squeeze of lime and a few drops of simple syrup and it will never fail your thirst for the inspiration.


This is seemingly perfect cocktail if you want to maintain a good reputation by looking like you’re drinking nicely garnished glass of Iced Tea, but we warn you — after drinking too much vodka, tequila, rum, Triple Sec and Cola you can only greet your reputation with a white tissue and thank for all the good times you had together. So Long, pal!

This blend of coffee, Irish whiskey and cream will please all your needs, when you finish your dinner in the restaurant and think about dessert and espresso shot, but also would like to prepare yourself for the night that is knocking on the doors of your liver.


Either you are handy person or not, this vodka & orange juice screwdriver will loosen all your locked, social potentials and transform even the toughest introvert into the smiling dancing star!